How to show progress status of contacts in a campaign?


now I’ve got a few contacts in my campaign. I’m adding a few daily.
How can I see now, which contact is at which stage in a campaign?

I can go into the contacts and see what happened to them.
And inside the campaign I only see percentages.

Is it possible to see the progress with contacts - maybe via reports?

Or to make the question more specific:
How can I see who clicked on a link in the email?

Hi there,

As for seeing who clicked on a link in the email, you can go into the detail view of the email and click on the number of total clicks.

This will lead you to a filtered Contact list that shows all the contacts who have clicked that link:

As for seeing at what stage the contact is in the campaign, I have no solution at the moment. But I would like to know if anyone has figured that out? Maybe it’s an interesting feature request for the future?

Thanks, that’s a good info.

I assume it’s possible to add tags for every step and then build reports accordingly - not nice and only workaround.
Or even work with stages - but the stages seem to be overall a bit clumsy or limited, reading on the forums here.

Hi, you can see the progress of actions in the campaign overview:

The decisions / conditions tab is also useful:

You can see how many contacts moved which way into your campaign.

Here is a tutorial about how campaigns work:

Yes, that’s what I’ve been looking at, when the question came up.
I can only see percentages but not a report or similar, where I can see which contacts are in what stage.
Might just be relevant for small campaigns / segments anyway. So I’ll make do with just the percentages.

I see what you are saying. A contact can be in 10 different branches at the same time. If you have 10.000 in a campaign, how would you display that?

There is the contacts tab.
Visually not great but technically possible to filter contacts based on actions and / or decisions.