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Tracking contacts behaviour within different campaigns

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to get advices on how to achieve the following.


  • Each of our contacts can be included into multiple and different campaigns (based on the segment they belong to).
  • Each of these contacts could answer positively to emails originating from campaign A, do not reply at all to emails originating from campaign B or reply negatively to emails originating from campaign C.


  • We need to be able to know in which campaigns the contact is involved.
  • We need to know the ‘status’ of the contact within each campaign (=we need to know to which campaigns he replied positively/negatively or to which he didn’t reply at all).


  • Is there a way to determine whether the content of the reply was positive/negative (some kind of sentiment analysis)?
  • Is there a place where the contact’s replies would be listed (history of communication)?
  • Is there a way to track the contact behaviour within the different campaigns in which he’s involved? (we have looked at ‘stages’ but those seem to be global, not specific to a campaign-contact combination; tags don not seem appropriate either since we might end up with too many)?

Interesting question! This newby is curious too!