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How to track custom (any) event eg web link click

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.3
My PHP version is: 7.4.21

Your problem
My problem is: I want to track custom events, in my case visiting a particular website page on a Wordpress site, and use this tracking to manage points assignment and segmentation.

Is it possible to add custom event tracking like this, eg so it appears in Points->Manage Actions->Add New->When a contact…->(e.g. visits page X) ?


Can you explain better what you need?

U can track all WordPress actions, assign tags based on URL visits, assign points based on url visits.

I think you are talking about lead scoring?

Thanks @robm. I need to track whether our Download page was visited by a contact who has already filled out a webform. Their profile should be updated to reflect this (maybe add them to a segment?), and I should be able to add campaign logic to trigger an email based on whether they have or have not visited the Download page.

I’m using the Mautic Wordpress plugin; do I need to add a sepcific tracking pixel to the Download page, or just put the page URL into the campaigns builder and “Decision → Visits a page”?

You just need the ‘Visits a Page’ decision. If you are using the WP plugin, it already tracks your visits.

Yeah, like @joeyk says, if you have the tracking code installed correctly, or you use the Mautic WP plugin, then all page visits will be recorded and allocated to eithe a known or anonymous contact.

U can then use the campaign ‘Visits a Page’ decision to trigger any action you want. The WP plugin will also let you assign a tag to page visitor through the use of a short code independent of a campaign action. U can also add points based on URL visit via the points module trigger options