Question Regarding Tracking Users who Visited website through our email campaign

am sending emails to users via the email templates with a link to our website. is there a way we can track the users who clicked on the link from the email and visited the website ?
I see page hit on the users event name but wondering how can we segregate via segments for those users who are hitting our website from our email campaign.

any thoughts ?

You can make a campaign, with decision you can select “visits a page” or “click email”. From there you can choose Action → Modify contact segments.

Is that what you mean?

not really , when i send email via the campaign with link to our website. when the user clicks on the link of my website via the link in the email sent. i would like to track who visited our site.

But do you want to track that in Mautic? Or do you want to track that with web analytics software?

Yes track in mautic for that user, i have integreted the wp plugin to the site and injecting in on all pages.

And what is “track” ? If that means putting it in a segment you can use my first post above…

Thanks for responding, Teh source of the campaign is contact segment or contact forms ?
i dont have mautic forms

As the source of the campaign you can use the segment the contact is already a part of.

From there you check the website visit or email click. And if that happens you add the contact to a segment you made to track the contacts who clicked on a link in the email.

thannks for you kind response, greatly appreciate it.