Campaign based on Click in Email?

Question from Ashok Vaswani
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My Mautic version is: 4.2

My problem is:
I am using the latest version of Mautic ( 4.2 ) . I want to tag contacts based on links that they click on in the email that I send them. I cannot find this action in the campaign builder. There is an action to “view a page” but I cant find anyway to add tags ( or change the tag) on a contact based on the contact clicking on a specific link in the email

Ashok: Checks (we call them decisions) like “opens email” or “clicks email” are only available AFTER an action of type “send email”. Else it is unclear what email to test for :slight_smile:


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There is a script where you insert in a webpage to tag anyone whom click a link to go to that webpage.

Joey made a video about Insta Opt in but he is using a script on webpage to tag his contact who click a link in email. This video may help you get some ideas on how it works.

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If I understand correctly - are you sending links in different e-mails (not in one)?

IMHO the easiest solution is add some text to link like:
After that, you should make segment with condition like this:

Segment could run campaign which will be adding tags.

if you want to make sure in today’s world, bette not rely on “Visited URL” since that is subject to user’s tracking consent…

  • “clicked email” should be best
  • else go setting tags from page visit, as described in the vid

Thanks @joeyk @ekke @biggala2310 and everyone else.

Joey’s video seems to be the way to go forward to add the tag.

Presently I was creating a link and sending to a specific page on my site and then once the visitor visits a specific page, we can modify the tags.

This is what you are suggesting?

But it takes the visitor to a page which can distract them from the email.

I dont know if that is a good thing or no.

@ekke - you mentioned “clicked email” should be best.
I am not clear what you mean my clicked email

see my original answer above. Here’s a screenshot:

I am not clear by “Clicks email”

Does it mean clicking on email in the inbox of my email client?

no, it means clicking a link within the email


You have been very helpful