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How to trigger a campaign visit page decision through using WP landing Page url

Hello Everyone!

I want to know how the campaign will trigger when we apply the decision as visit page in that we use the WP landing page url.

I have create the campaign, In which The user submit the form from the WP website for Webinar. After Submitting Form I send the confirmation link in email template and after hitting the link we send the thank you mail to user. After opening thank you mail we want Send the contact confirmed user segment.

Here is Campaign tree:

Have you set up cron jobs for that ?

@wordpress Remember this action will take effect as soon the campaign trigger is fire but the campaign cron job. If you set up the campaign trigger cron job to run every 5 minutes you will need to wait 5 minutes to see the actions taken place

My question is similar, but a little diferent.
I have the same form to get the emails and Names.
Then the contact receives an Email with a link to the first video, witch is on a Wordpress landing page.
How does the campaign trigger the next Email, only after the contact sees the first video on the first Landing page?

All together I will have 3 Landing pages (in Wordpress), that should trigger each one only after watching the previous video, witch triggers the next email with a link to the next Video.

Yes, Cron is set
Cron is set for campaign rebuild in 5,20,35,50 and trigger in *,25,40,55.
but still campaign is not be working.

Yes I have this cron which is run in per minute.

Hi MxyzptlkFishStix,
Can you specify your explination a bit more.

>> First page – contains meta refresh = length of video on lander.
What does this mean? > “Contains meta refresh”

>> Second page – either a remote download asset or mtc.js + visited URL used as a campaign triggers for the email(s) you want to send.

what do you mean by “Remote Download Asset”, “mtc.js + visited URL”

Create a 1×1 iframe, containing first page, on lander with video.
>> Explain please…
Sorry for being so ignorant…

Thanks MxyzptlkFishStix,

I think I understand now. Just one observation. It seems to me that Page 2 is the same for all 3 Videos, since it only has the Tracking code (witch is always the same)… Am I right?
Only page 1 changes because of the time of the video…

Frustrating… The campaign triggers, but not working.

So my campaign is built to:
-> Get contacts from a Mautic form.
-> Send a Email-1 Immediately.
(This email has a Link to the Webpage with the Video.)
-> Mautic-Decision to Visit Page (page2.html).
-> if page is visited, Sends Email-1-1.
-> if not, Sends Email-1-2.

So everthing seems to be working except, the Visit page trigger.
Independent of page visited or not, the campaign keeps sending the Email-1-1, Email-1-2

I tested with 2 email, where one doesnt open the email, and the other does and visit the page.

So the contacts are coming from the form, the campaign is triggering, and sending the emails, just not in my desired conditions…

Here is the sequence of Screen Shots:

General Campaign Scheme
Send Email
Visit a Page
Send Email 2

Files page2.html, page4.html, page6.html, all the same code as page2.html: