Landing Page Viewed doesn't trigger Email

Hi everyone,

Hope you can help with this one.
I have a form to get the emails and Names.
Then the person (contact) receives an Email with a link to the first video, witch is on a WordPress landing page.
How does the campaign trigger the next Email, only after the contact sees the first video on the first Landing page?

All together I will have 3 Landing pages (in WordPress), that should trigger each one only after watching the previous video, witch triggers the next email with a link to the next Video.
I have the campaign setup, where the email has the link to the Landing Page and should be triggering the next email but doesn’t.

The campaign DOES receive the contacts from the form, and the contact segment is created.
Any ideas what is missing here? Any thread out these about this issue?

@Heduino did you set up cron jobs ?what mautic version you have installed?

I think the Crons are working. I do get triggered emails at the right times.
its the latest Mautic version.

My case is about triggers the next email after someone visits a website I created in WP.
I also have the tracking Pixel…