How to use checkbox bootlean value and use it in decission tree

it’s a pretty basic functionality but i have problem with finding answer for it.

What i do and what result i would like achieve?:

  • I’m creating newsletter base upon form
  • In a form i use group checkbox and i would like to have 3+ checkbox to give user a chance to choose which content they would like to get
  • Base upon check boxes i would like to automate and send different email

With what i have a problem?:

  • For what i know i should make a fields with group checkbox and within it add name of field as a label and value 1 (which define 0/1 mode?)
  • Later i should make campaign with condition: In the field “Field” i chooses my checkbox group, in operator checkbox i should choose logical operator, but in the Value i get label name instead 0/1 (for a specific checkbox)


  • Probably I’m doing something wrong while I create a form, could you point me somewhere?

You can make it multiple ways:

  1. Create the 3 Fields (You are making a recipe newsletter in this example)
  • Vegetarian
  • Fish
  • Meat

Or you can make a radio button with the 3 values:

Then you make your campaign based on this value:

Create all 3 branches:

Thats it.
You can also do it by dynamic content, but that is a different story.
I hope it helps.

Oh also - you can create 3 segments based on this field and send emails in 3 different campaigns :slight_smile:

It’s up to you

Joey, kindly thank You for an answer.

On my newsletter i would like to ask my user:

  • Who they are (wholesaler or shop)

  • What content they would like to get (discounts, news, guide)

Relating to radio buttons that you suggested (my question was about checkboxes, but i would also like to implement them): campaign builder screenshot shows “contact field value” so i should somehow transform my form answers to Tags?(don’t see other reasonable field)

Screenshot_2021-02-25 Edit Form - Newsletter test Mautic(1)
Screenshot_2021-02-25 New Campaign Mautic

Relating to checkboxes (what content they would like to get):


Hi, this is fine, yes. I wouldn’t transform anything to tags, you did it good.
The difference between Label and Value is, that you show Label, and you store Value.
You can have Label 1 = Apple, Label 2 = Pear, but both are saved as ‘Fruits’
Or you can have Label = ‘Doom’, value = ‘FPS’.
So yes, you did good.

In case you want to go further and maybe create Dynamic content in 1 email based on different attributes, you should check out The Marketing Automation Show, The One With The Dynamic Content For Emails.