HOWTO: Campaign, forms data to Pipedrive?

Your software
My Mautic version is: latest
My PHP version is: latest

Your problem
I have a campaign which has a web form. I would like to see the the form data in Pipedrive’s Notes.

Can someone tell me how? Or is there a better solution to achieve this?

PD integration can’t do it as default.
You need to get your hands ‘coding-dirty’.
PD has an API:

If you really wanna do this, I’d have Mautic post the form results to another form, that captures the content, forms a nice payload, and pushes it in via API.


Maybe you can have an email sent to your PD account from the form?


Here is a tutorial how to connect with custom forms with PD - maybe that is an alternative solution:

See section ‘custom fields’

Good Luck.


thanks for the tips! I will research these options :slight_smile: