I think Mautic may be flooding my hosting server with hundreds of files. What could it be?

Good day everyone.

I’ve recently set up Mautic to send out email notifications. No API’s are being used as of yet. I have a suspicion that Mautic may be flooding my web server with hundreds of files. If that was true, what could be causing this and where could I check? I have the cron jobs set up on every minute but we only have 3 email subscriptions set up for testing. The emails right now look like this:

I had set up the following cron jobs:
console mautic:segments:update
console mautic:campaigns:update
console mautic:campaigns:trigger
console mautic:emails:send
console mautic:broadcasts:send
console mautic:cleanup --days-old=15 --dry-run

would anyone know what might be happening?


With the amount of mails you are speaking about seems very strange.

You can look in your spool, however I doubt this is the problem. Why do you think it is creating many files ? is your disk space going down ? Maybe you should check the size of mysql as well

Mautic 2.x: /var/www/your_mautic_dir/app/spool/default/ check out this directory to see if there are many files there

Mautic 3.x: /var/www/your_mautic_dir/var/spool/

My hosting plan allows unlimited file sizes but limited amount of files. Last night I cleared 5k files from the hosting and it’s been all tapped out by this morning. I’m, trying to hunt it down and Mautic is the first culprit I’m looking at as I haven’t been experimenting with any other tools , plugins or libraries.

I figured it might be creating files due to auto-backup, auto-update if those exist in the fresh installation, (I’m on 3.0.2) or perhaps emails are being scheduled over and over again due to my cron jobs being triggered every minute.

JESUS CHRIST… I figured it out…

Every time a Cron job I’ve set up for Mautic executes, it sends me a report with the execution results.
6 cron jobs shooting every minute… yyyyyeah… my email has 300,000k emails in it rn…

So not really Mautic’s Fault but this was caused by me setting up cron jobs for mautic.
So if anyone else experiences this… now you know