Image display for outlook optimization?

Hello !

(Mautic v4.4.0)

Is there any optimization to do in order to have the image displaying for outlook client ?


Is the loading in outlook still waiting for a confirmation of the user? As in Gmail you sometimes manually need to approve loading assets, especially if you never received a mail from the sender and the sender is not in your address book.

Do other mail clients render your mail correctly?
How did you code your mail template? There are still client specific settings to be considered in your code, if you don’t use something like MJML.


I use MJML.

On Gmail it appears directly, on thunderbird for he 1st email it asks for a confirmation.

For outlook client, it doesn’t show and doesn’t ask for a confirmation.

Hi, is your image src link https ? If not secure, it can be the reason.

Hello, yes the image src links are all in https.

Outlook Web oder Client? Can you check your browser console for the first and look for errors when loading the image?

Both, actually. It looks like there are quite a few errors. The thing is, I have also some messages like this when I open another email with the image displaying properly.

My colleague is saying that it’s not related to our email, the previous pictures…

You could share the links to your pictures here or via DM - or share the public preview link of an example email, that wont’t be shown in Outlook?