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Import stalled (memory issue?) how to fix/learn

This is my third import. I’ve done 4 of 1,000 at a time and all the previous ones went fine and took about 1.5 minutes each

So this time I tried to background import 3,000 contacts and it seems to have stalled at 76% after 3 minutes. This is the report I got:

Import 13 with 3000 rows is starting. 0/3000 [>---------------------------] 0% 300/3000 [==>-------------------------] 10% 600/3000 [=====>----------------------] 20% 900/3000 [========>-------------------] 30% 1200/3000 [===========>----------------] 40% 1500/3000 [==============>-------------] 50% 1800/3000 [================>-----------] 60% 2100/3000 [===================>--------] 70%PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/myserver/app/bundles/LeadBundle/EventListener/LeadSubscriber.php on line 98

Four ‘import’ cron jobs have since run (every 10 mins) but it’s just stuck at ‘in progress: 76%’

I’m wondering:

  1. How do I finish that one? Do I toggle it off, wait for an import cron to run again and then toggle it back on again? Turn off that import and import/upload the same csv again?

  2. What can I learn from this before I import the reast? (I have another 60,000 to import) Should I split them up into 60 csv filess of 1,000 names? Should I change the batch number to lower than 100 before I hit the import button?

Any suggestions/insight is much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Ok, so I suppose it’s probably partly a dumb question I guess since the tips in the docs suggest splitting a file up into smaller csv files so I will do that using a csv splitter but I guess I am still wondering for the future if there is any way to make a stalled import complete and whether there is anything I can learn from that memory error.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to these amazing machines, but wasn’t the promise of computers that we wouldn’t have to manually split files and upload dozens of them one by one, something they should be able to do pretty well themselves? It’s impossible to know how many imports it can handle at a time and it seems so odd that one has to guess all this stuff, or try until it breaks.