Installation Issue. Please assist

Installed Mautic on Amazon Ec2 Instance

My Mautic Version is:Mautic 4.4.9
My PHP version is :PHP 8.0.28 (cli) (built: Mar 28 2023 17:41:50) ( NTS )
My MySQL/MariaDB version is :mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.68-MariaDB, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1
My Composer Version is: version 2.5.8 2023-06-09 17:13:21
My httpd(Apache) Version is Server version: Apache/2.4.57 ()

These errors are showing in the Httpd log :
Wed Aug 16 12:58:05.199335 2023] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 13802] AH00170: caught SIGWINCH, shutting down gracefully
[Wed Aug 16 12:58:06.273475 2023] [suexec:notice] [pid 16310] AH01232: suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
[Wed Aug 16 12:58:06.288006 2023] [lbmethod_heartbeat:notice] [pid 16310] AH02282: No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor
[Wed Aug 16 12:58:06.288061 2023] [http2:warn] [pid 16310] AH10034: The mpm module (prefork.c) is not supported by mod_http2. The mpm determines how things are processed $
[Wed Aug 16 12:58:06.291135 2023] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 16310] AH00163: Apache/2.4.57 () configured – resuming normal operations
[Wed Aug 16 12:58:06.291152 2023] [core:notice] [pid 16310] AH00094: Command line: ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND’

These errors are showing in the php error log:
6-Aug-2023 10:17:03 UTC] PHP Warning - Undefined variable $inline - in file /var/www/html/mautic/offline.php - at line 77
[16-Aug-2023 10:17:03 UTC] PHP Warning: Undefined variable $inline in /var/www/html/mautic/offline.php on line 77
[16-Aug-2023 10:17:03 UTC] LogicException: Extension DOM is required. - in file /var/www/html/mautic/vendor/symfony/config/Util/XmlUtils.php - at line 50

Your problem
My problem is :
when i open public ip on which mautic is installed it says:
The site is currently offline due to encountering an error. If the problem persists, please contact the system administrator.
System administrators, check server logs for errors.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :
changed ownership of files of mautic that was in var/www/html/mautic to apache:apache user

run /bin/console cache:clear cron to clear cache and then refresh

as an alternative you can delete the contents of the folder var/cache/prod