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Integrate Mautic with Optimizepress

Hello everyone! I wonder if it is possible to integrate Mautic with Optimizepress via API … possible? Thank you all!!

Carlos, if you need help to make the html form work in Optimizepress, let me know. I can help you. I tried sometimes until understand what I needed to do :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! I wonder if it is possible to integrate Mautic with Optimizepress via API … possible? Thank you all!!

Not via the API, thats on OP to integrate. But you can via the form.

Hey chrisdutra

I’m facing the same problem. How did you solve it?

Would you be able to maybe record your screen and share in this thread?

Thanks in advance!

I guess OptimizePress is similar to Instabuilder. In Instabuilder you would create a new Opt-In Form with the option to either use a predefined service like Mailchimp or to insert custom HTML. There you would insert the manual copied code from you form which you created in Mautic.
Then every new opt-in will automatically create a new lead in Mautic.

Maybe this will work similarily in OptimizePress, too.

I solved this problem of integration just correcting the fields from Mautic to fildes from OP:

I hope it can help.

Good afternoon. I did not understand was the process …
Can you kindly tell me how exactly you changed that ???

Olá @Carlos BR tudo bem? :slight_smile:

when you create a form in Mautic, you probably create fields that not exist on Mautic, like “name”. So, you create a form (on Mautic) with name and email fields.

When you copy html code from Mautic and paste in the OP, it can not (at least in my case) make correctly the correlation between the fields from Mautic and OP (name >> name and email >> email. You just need to correct it manually, simple like that.

Try it and please let me know if you be able to do it.

Good luck!


It works when you have optimizepress theme.
But with the plugin optimizemember, member is not integrated in optimizepress and not registered in wordpress like a member with level !!!
Is there a hack to regularize this ?

I am a paying optimizepress member, but I have stopped using it. It has fallen far behind other options on the market.
For membership sites, there are free plugins that are more powerful and far easier to use than optimizepress.

Optimize press hasn’t been improved upon in three years. It’s the same builder in the same interface that was around three years ago. Now when it came out it was pretty awesome, but now it’s completely outdated and backwards.

And they expect you to keep paying them every year just to get compatibility updates. Since last year, new WordPress releases have rendered the OptimizePress live builder useless, and the only way to get it work again is to pay OP again to get updates. Remember, this is something people already paid for, and it became useless in just over a year. Dump them.

@imautic Which plugins are better than optimizepress?