IP address tracking - Detailed question :) - Programmatic Ads

Stepping through the IP Tracking functionality and looking at how we can make sure I can segment IP addresses based on day/time and source.

Question 1:
What are the events that IP addresses are logged?

Question 2:
How do I associate an event (page hit, email open, link click) with an IP address?

Question 3:
Email Stats table we have the ip_id field, what is this a reference too?
is this the last IP logged? and is it on email open/image download/click etc, what are our triggers

Question 4:
Lead Event log table - is there an elegant manner to query events currently stored in JSON? not sure if I missed something

Question 5:
Lead Device Table - what are tracking_id and device_fingerprint actually used for?

Looking at sending the IP addresses into our CDP (Tracardi/ Unomi - TBC) and our programmatic ads platforms for display campaigns to either saturate a work office or home based on the IP address with display advertising, and pixel them to then pass through to Social accounts for retargetting etc etc.
This is stuff I can do in Australia and anywhere outside of Europe so I hope I can still have some love/support :slight_smile:

Looking to segment how IP addresses were collected (effectively the eventlog)

  • Date/Time
  • Event Type
  • Device
  • Communication Content/Context

We run saturation marketing campaigns for our clients (wrap em up)

I am looking at passing the IP addresses known of a prospect to our programmatic ads for which I can target ppl via IP address with the objective of B2B account marketing.

World of working from home and mobile screws with my data in a big way.
Day/Time of IP (Business /social / private hours)
Device /browser (Desktop more likely to be a business IP address)
Landing page verse email comms changes the context of research to action