IP lookup service not working 2 out of 3 times


I’ve 3 Mautic Installation, all running 4.3.1. The only difference is the Hosting Provider.

  1. Mittwald
  2. Ionos
  3. all-inkl com

I am using the same Configuration on all three Instances. All are using Exreme-IP Lookup Service, but only Mittwald Hosting is working. I don’t know if it’s the Hosting, but it’s the only difference.

I am wondering how I can debug the Mautic IP lookup service, as all IPs Leads stay anonymous.
Is there a way to manually trigger mautic to lookup all IPs per console oder with a cronjob?

It’s now more than 6 weeks of research, but I could not found any else with such problems, nor any documentation how to debug it etc. pp.

Any advice or help is very much appreciated.