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Is it okay to install Mautic on a cloud hosting service?

I have heard that people who installed Mautic on a shared hosting service said that he doesn’t recommend doing that because shared hosting service can affect Mautic’s performance. He recommend installing Mautic on a VPS hosting service.

What about cloud hosting service? I’m using Bluehost’s Cloud Hosting service and my plan is Business Pro. I’m wondering if it’s okay for me to install Mautic without its performance be affected.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can install Mautic in almost any web host services.
All will depend on the size of your system i for u have a small system you can use a shared hosting (just make sure have the basic to work PHP5.6+, MYSQL, Cronjobs (minimum 5 minutes rules)

The main problem is that some hosting companies don’t offer the basic to allow mautic to work.

If you want to go more Rambo get a VPS, Dedicated Server (this you must have to install all the services and normally you are the one that supports and troubleshooting the server).

@Joan Nin,

Thanks. Could you please define “small system”?

Since Mautic is build on PHP, you will need a cloud hosting provider with PHP 5.6.19 +, MySQL 5.5.3 +, Apache 2.x+ or Nginx 1.0 or MS IIS 7. I would also recommend you to go with cloud or vps dedicated server to ensure top performance. If you don’t know how to setup a dedicated vps or cloud server, then you can use server provisioning or PaaS tools that automates this process, like Puppet or Cloudways PHP PaaS. Using these tools you can launch a server without manually installing or configuring OS or stack.


Thank you.