Is it possible to change data (time left) in email relative to first email sent


I am sending an email to a segment of contact, which offers discount on particular service.
We want to notify users for next 30 days after they receive their first email, about the time left to claim the discount/offer.
If we want to notify users every other day, we’ll have to create 15 identical email templates, with time change, such as, "Hurry only 28days left… 26 days left … 24 days left … 22 days left and so on…

Is there a way to dynamically change this data in single email, instead of creating multiple one?
So that when the first email it sent, the subsequent emails are automatically update with how many days are left?

All contacts are not added all at once. Campaign is run for any user whenever they’re updated based on their activity on landing page. So, I cannot update this data based on a static date. It has to be updated based on the first email sent to a contact/lead.

If it is possible, please give me some pointers. I am new to mautic.