Is it possible to create/send calendar meeting links in Mautic using a date field?

I am working on building a checklist for internal staff and wanted to know if there is way that a date entered on a form’s date-field can be converted to a calendar event that can be opened by Outlook and possibly one for Apple users too.

The date is a due-date and I want to send the event to staff through Mautic’s email campaign to allow users to click the link and add it to their Outlook/Apple calendars.


Interesting idea! I think this would take custom coding as I expect there is quite a lot of info contained in a meeting request, far more than just the date, and that info would need to be aded to before being sent on to the recipient.

U could try having a campaign that is maybe triggered by the date being set. That campaign sends a webhook to a service like n8n and includes the date of the appt. In n8n you could configure the meeting invite, and then either push that back into mautic to be sent, or send directly from n8n.

Suggest you start by finding out exactly what goes into the make up of a calendar invite that works for outlook/apple.