Is it possible to trigger the form itself with an event on the website?

My Mautic version is: 3.3.4
My PHP version is: 7.2

I am looking for a way to make “product price negotiation” available to users in an online store.

The user who is on the store page clicks the link/button and sees the Mautic form. On the same page.
E.g. via Focus Items (although there is a problem with css styles)
I do not want to direct it to a new page where I can prepare a form with a Landing Page.

Here is an example from another page.

I would like the user to open a prepared Mautic form, but only after clicking a link or a button on the store’s website.
Not as part of a campaign or a selected segment.

Is it possible to trigger the form itself with an event on the website?
Do I have to use campaign and segment settings for this?

How to do it?
Any ideas ?

I guess the way to do this would be setting a tag once the desired condition is met,
and to place Dynamic Web Content on the target page that filters on that tag (and triggers the form in a focus item or whatever)

Thanks for your help and idea.

It will take a long time.
User clicks and waits … :frowning:
Bad idea.

They will be unknown users, we do not have any data about them yet, which also makes it difficult to find them later

Hmm, why do you think that the user has to wait? Tag would be set immediately through an mtracking.gif parameter… no cron involved.
Or are you envisioning a click on a page and then the pop on the very same page?

Exactly. See the picture above.
Bottom right corner and “Sugest your price” button.

The user clicks and receives a form where he can propose something. Same page.

Doing it in .js or css is very easy.
However, I would like this form to come from Mautic and here is the problem, how to get it?
“Iframe” with Landing Page with an embedded form - this is a brutal solution.
I can also copy the form code via the “Manual copy” or “Automatic” (though there is “iframe” here too) option.

However, I would prefer something on a layer.
It can be a pop-up (although this is a new separate window and is increasingly being blocked by browsers and their add-ons).
So I prefer something from layers, e.g. to use the built-in Focus Items
or show a hidden css class on the page.

Is it possible to call Focus Items with tags without Campaign control?
Is it possible to call Focus Items directly?