Is Mautic the right solution?

we are looking for a CRM to include it into our marketing process.
I’ve already taken a short look at Mautic
But before I dive to deep into Mautic, I would like to ask the following questions to know if its in general possible to automatize the following process:

We have a customer base with several attributes for each customer like city, type of product, segment and so on.
It should be possible for the manager to choose the correct customers according to the attributes (e.g. all customer from city x and type y of product) and assign this customers to a marketing process.

The marketing process in short should look like:

User gets a notification call customer x (we don’t really need Email marketing)
User is being asked how the call was and the user can choose from several categories (no interest, slight interest, wrong number, …)
The logic behind what happens afterwards is in the program

So in short:
Defining the customer range -> putting them into a process -> user gives a response in a pre defined way to the task he performed -> the process goes on

is it possible to implement the above described process with Mautic?
Or should we look for something else? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hey Zaiga!

My first response would be: not for what you are describing. Mautic sure has some features of a CRM, but it’s main features are marketing automation, mainly email marketing. If you are looking for a tool to automate your sales processes, SuiteCRM might be a great tool for you. Or the free CRM of Hubspot. However, if you are looking for a very powerful marketing automation tool, Mautic is the right pick.

Have a great day!

Agree with majesteitbart - not the right tool.

If you’re focused on open source, definitely look at SuiteCRM and vTiger. Both have their warts.

Otherwise, Pipedrive is reasonably priced SaaS and has some powerful automations.

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Yes you can but you may need to activate Sms plugin to make the most out of it so automation can be applied to users response.
E.g if you add contacts you just called to a Mautic segment, sms can be automatically sent and they can get response in which they reply to based on their flow etc your flow.
But i don’t think Mautic is suited for calling you may need use other CRM you can call from it directly i don’t such a plugin exist for Mautic presently

Yeah, if you are looking for a simple CRM, Pipedrive is definitely a good option!

Thank you for your answer! I looked into SuiteCRM but it doesn’t allow to make the tasks work. But still have to take a look at vtiger.

I use vtiger with Mautic. It used to move a lead with a certain points score into vtiger. That stopped recently but I was no longer so interested.
I used to use vtiger with vicdial to run a remote call centre a decade back and was very happy with that, now I cant find anything similar
Opensource has become consult ware, only a lot of the time they don’t even know the answer.
Mautic could do what you want, but 'you’ll most likely grow out of it.
Vtiger will do a lot of what Mautic does if you stick with it, but stay away from the code. Worlds worst
I was building CRM 20 years ago, I struggle to understand people who think Marketing automation is not CRM or vice versa. A dangerous way to look at software and perhaps the root of a lot of tje shortcomings

Hi edward1

Thank you for giving your insight into the CRM world. So you think the work could be done with vTiger?
You are very right about that there are to little Marketing automation solutions on the market.
Btw is actually vTiger a free open source program?

Thank you

vTiger is free open source as well as a cloud solution.
when I used it there was no cloud solution, they were very helpful and lots of stuff like the free vicidial tool were available. Now it is very oriented towards the cloud solution, though that is affordable.
There is a reasonable API once you get past the initial authentication bit.
I find the interfaces less than ideal, but you can get used to it.
The most usable thing I saw in a while is freshsales a cloud tool, but UX is excellent.

Its just a matter of what you plan to do. Ignore all the other features and stuff they are irrelevant.

So why you advertising VTiger here are you an ad Agent
You can create a better version of Mautic people will be glad to use if you can beat the keyword Free Opensource Marketing Automation Software

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Thanks all!

Yeap! Thanks for the reminder… Really Helped