Issue concerning the article "Backup Mautic Database in Dropbox"


The following article gives instructions on how to backup Mautic Database in Dropbox:

I set the cron job to work every minute, but no files were imported to my Dropbox, so I suppose I missed something.

What is the correct command of the backup cron job? Is it “echo "date -u /root/db-backup/" >> /root/db-backup/status.log 2>&1”?

In the file that I created, I commented the line “rm -r /root/db-backup/mautic.sql” because I didn’t understand what it is for (If it removes the database from the db-backup folder on my laptop or from the server where Mautic is installed). Is the backup not working because of this?


You need to be able to look up stuff you know understand. In this case, the documentation actually tells you exactly what the “rm -f” is for as shown below.


rm -r /root/db-backup/mautic.sql

You can always type “man rm” or “man <command” on Google to see the documentation for that command.

The script creates a mysql.sql, then uploads it to dropbox, then delete the mysql.sql.

So is the first step working? If that works, try the 2nd command to upload it to dropbox? If that doesn’t work, then you made a mistake generate the dropbox api key.

You can run the script manually instead of trying to run it every minute. Running it every minute to backup your mysql database is overkill. Perhaps back it up every hour. I just back up my files once a day.

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