How to recover some data from self hosted?

May I recover some data as email text from Mautic self hosted backup?

May I recover some data as email text from Mautic self hosted backup?

The answer is: Probably yes. Depends on your backup.

The question you wanted to ask is probably how do you recover the data, right? How did you made the backup? An SQL dump?

@escopecz , I’ve backuped whole Mautic folder and generated a SQL file from cPanel’s Mautic database.

You can open the SQL file and search for the email text. The text will be probably escaped so use tool like to revers the escape process.

@escopecz , here’s I’ve been doing:

1) Unscaped SQL file at URL mentioned
2) Updated lines in SQL file to correct database name and user
3) Uploaded whole Mautic's folder
4) Uploaded SQL file via cPanel
5) Updated lines in LOCAL.PHP to correct database name and user

After that still returns the error message: DATABASE CONNECTION ERROR (#1044)

Must Mautic installation folder be same previous name?

Don’t forget to clear the Mautic cache after changing any config file. Easiest is to delete the app/cache folder.

@escopecz , Already done it and error persists.

Reading your steps again, #4): where did you upload the file? It has to be imported into a database. In that case don’t do #1). I thought you’ll want to cherry-pick the texts from the database.

I’ve uploaded it into database manager via cPanel. The reverse way when I did the backup.
I want to recover the whole system since texts to campaings.

@escopecz , I’ve been trying to install a fresh new Mautic app via FTP just for testing and I got this message when trying to forward to step 2:
An error occured while attempting to connect to the database: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘mautic’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Your username or password must be wrong.