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Issue: Installing a new Plugin for first time

Hi Guys,

There might be an easy answer to this question, but I can’t figure it out! I am new to Mautic and I have been experimenting with to try and create more intelligent email segments on my Wordpress site. There is an exciting plugin I have found called:

The Mautic Recommender Plugin:

I have an installed version of Mautic live on my plesk server. I added the plugin to the Mautic plugins folder and could not figure out why there was no new plugin available within the plugins page when I opened Mautic.

Would greatly appreciate any support and advice to get past my road block!

Many Thanks,

Also I could not figure out what the instructions from the “docs.mtextendee” are asking because I am not a programer with much understanding of PHP.

Although I would like to figure out how I can install potentially other plugins in future …

This is not compatible with Mautic 3 and 4.
Make sure you are using the right version.

Ah ok, thank you joeyk,

Just wondered if if you have any advice about checking version compatibility…
How can I find out if a plugin is compatible?

I could not see with this plugin anything in the documentation or the readme file about version compatibility. Is there a place, or file directory where I could find this out in future?

Many Thanks,

I have tried to install these plugins as well without any luck…


Could there be another issue…
(to install I am unzipping them and inserting them into the plugins folder on my server installation)

Could an issue be that i’ve installed Mautic through Softaculous?

I think they are all M2 and M3 plugins. With 4.1 you’ll be able to install plugins with a click!