Issues with Colour

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.0.2
My PHP version is: 7.2.33

Your problem
My problem is: Email/Landing Page Button and Text Colour picker is not applying

These errors are showing in the log: N/A.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Tried different Emails and Templates.

Have you tried using another Browser. I had a similar issue with another form element and changing browser solved it.

For me Firefox works best.

@codes9, i think this was resolved when i upgraded but having others issues now. Unsure if it’s because im on shared hosting or not.

Shared hosting + Mautic is not so compatible. It was not immediately clear when I first discovered Mautic. Mautic uses more resources than what a Shared host will give. So it may appear to work at first but will slow down as soon as you start really use Mautic. Depending on what you use in Mautic it may happen very soon.

With version 3 I need more than the minimum 512mb Ram in PHP just to idle Mautic.

For shared hosting. Mautic 2 should be able to do email sending in batches on small lists. AFAIK the resource intensive actions is running complicated Campaigns and tracking web visits along with this.

If you’re going to do much more than sending segment email blasts and 2 step Campaigns I’d recommend you move to a more dedicated install.

Thanks, @codes9 you are on to something I started to use Mautic Late last year and have my old v2 still running. It seems your comment aligns with my experience. I am struggling with v3 but v2 is running just fine.

@codes9, as I am thinking my next step. Would you recommend to go with AWS or any other recommendations you have?
Recommended hardware specs? (not for heavy use, i see max 10-20k users in next 5 years)