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Keep getting returned to log-in screen after any upgrade

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.15.1
My PHP version is: 7.2.2

Your problem
I’m having trouble upgrading from 2.15.1 to 2.15.3 (or 2.15.2). After performing the upgrade, everything appears to work fine. Then, after I log out, I am no longer able to log back in. I’ll enter my correct username and password, but I’ll keep getting returned to the log-in screen with no errors displayed. I simply can’t get past that screen.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I have everything backed up, so I’m able to return to the previous working state after each attempt. Nothing seems to work.

After extensive googling, I’ve found that others have had this problem, but I don’t see any solutions that pertain to my situation. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a server or code whiz. I learned just enough to get Mautic installed and working a while back – and it’s been great so far.

Thanks for the help!

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Check https or http

and also check the error logs

Try this

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve already tried all of those things as well. No luck. No errors or warnings in the Mautic or server logs. I don’t have access to SQL logs, but can get them from Dreamhost tech support if necessary (it doesn’t seem like a database error to me). I’m happy to share the Mautic logs here if that would help!

http automatically reroutes to https as it always has. Proper SSL certificate is in place.

I did spot a new file in the Mautic root called “upgrade_errors.txt”. It contained only one line: “The file containing the list of deleted files was not found, could not process the deleted file list.”

The most frustrating thing is the fact that it works perfectly prior to the upgrade, and appears to work immediately after the upgrade. It’s just once I’m logged out, I’m out for good.

Any other thoughts? Thanks for your time!

Have you cleared cache?
Hard cleared? ie

rm -rf app/cache/prod
console cache:clear

Also, if it’s working for you immediately after the upgrade, create a new admin level user before you log out.

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Hi Virgil! Thank you for jumping in. I appreciate it.

Have you cleared cache?
Hard cleared? ie

Sadly, yes, I’ve tried clearing the cache (hard clearing as well). When all else failed, I even trashed the entire folder via FTP.

Also, if it’s working for you immediately after the upgrade, create a new admin-level user before you log out.

I’ve tried that as well. Forgot to post the odd results of that. After entering a new user’s name and admin credentials, I’ll click the usual Save & Close or Apply. At that point, the page simply reloads and the new user is not saved. It’s the same odd behavior I experience on the login page – a page refresh with no errors and no results.

As you might imagine, I’m pulling out my last remaining hairs trying to figure this out. Just for kicks, I’ve tried updating the database schema and run migrations. I’ve examined the permissions of every file and folder. I’ve sniffed my way through the .htaccess file. I’m stumped. And it’s making me CRAZY. :frowning:

After beating my head against the wall for over a week, I bit the bullet and rebuilt my Mautic install from scratch. Such a pain. But, at least it’s finally running 2.15.3 smoothly… almost. Having trouble with Zapier but I’ll post about that separately.

Hi @taz and welcome to the Mautic Community Forums!

The only other thing I would suggest is try logging in using an incognito window, and/or clearing your browser cache.

I’ve sometimes seen redirection issues happen where something gets stuck in the Chrome (which I find to be especially prone to this kind of issue) cache. Removing the cache in the browser has often fixed things for me!

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@rcheesley Holy smokes! I’m thrilled (and slightly stunned) to say that your suggestion of using an incognito window did the trick! Thank you. I’m adding this trick to my list of standard troubleshooting procedures. Thank you again! You are a rockstar!

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Hooray! I’ve had that catch me out with CMS updates in the past, so it doesn’t surprise me! I expect that somewhere there’s a cached redirect that is misbehaving.

You can turn off the cache entirely on Chrome by opening developer tools and looking just at the top of the window on one of the tabs, there’s a box that says disable cache. I can’t recall which tab you have to be in but will check when I’m on my computer.

Glad you got to the bottom of it!

Hi @rcheesley! The incognito window was the missing element (since I had already cleared and disabled my cache). I don’t think I ever would have tried the incognito solution without your suggestion. Thank you again! :grinning:

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