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Latest Update - Serious Issues - Please Help

Hi All:

I hope this is the correct place for my post. I am new (obviously).

Anyway, I attempted the auto-update this morning (April 24, 2018). My site immediately went offline and there was no way to access the app again.

So looking at a post here, I delete cache/prod as one user suggested. I was then able to access to app again, BUT upon getting inside:

  • I cannot create a new email
  • I cannot close a current email
  • The only function that works so far is being able to view some of the headings, but nothing else appears to work.

I am not that experienced with Mautic, but it has worked nearly flawlessly until now.

Can someone please help me with debugging what may be wrong and what I should do? I am totally lost and have to send my newsletter out now but unable to do a thing.

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give.