Leadsbridge integration issues | Please provide me with information regarding Mautic dates handling

My problem is that I have no idea what date field shows when a contact is created.

I used “Date Last Active” but many records today display a NULL value. Even with a filter it still process the records, and I only need the creation date, the first time that email was registered in Mautic’s DB.

Can you please provide what is the field that stamps a date when a contact is created the first time no matter if came through an integration, submitted a form or was manually added? Is there a common field I can relate queries to?

Thank you in advance!

Sure, I guess it’s an Event, related to the contact with its ID. The problem with this, is that systems such as Leadsbridge will never reach the contact’s creation date. Am I wrong? Please, let me know. A link to a resource where to understand this matter is enough.

Thank you all.