Limit data access by team

We’d like different teams to use Mautic for specific reasons, e.g. affiliate management, sales process, customer communications, etc…

This means that we will have different type of users in our system, e.g. affiliates, B2B customers and leads, B2C users.

We’d like to limit the data access that certain system users / team members will have, e.g. an affiliate manager should be able to see only affiliate contacts/companies/campaigns/…, a sales person should be able to see only B2B contacts/companies/campaigns/…

What’s the best way to do this?

Have a look at Roles (In Configuration Cog-> Roles)
And you would need to play with contact owners

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With roles you can define whether a user can view/edit/delete all contacts or the ones he owns but we need the contacts to be “owned” by a whole team not only one person.

I understand. I would like to know how to do this as well.

There is an open feature request here: Implement roles (in addition to access levels) for users

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