Mautic and the sales team

in the past I only used Mautic for email marketing. However, in the company I work for, we have a big sales team (the kind of team that makes phone calls and go directly to the client’s company).

I’d like to know if it’s possible with Mautic to make it so that the Sales team Manager can access to all contacts (The entire Mautic CRM, and not the automation side). This should be easy with group based permissions.

However, the sales team manager must be able to assign (manually or, if possible, automatically) contacts with a certain score or a certain segment to a specific sales person.

And, at this point, the sales person should be able to see and update only the contacts he has been assigned to (so, if Andrew is assigned to customer Alpha and not customer Beta, he should be able to see only Alpha’s info’s).

Is this possible? How can this be done? Thank you :slight_smile:

Click Settings icon
Click Roles
Click New
Name the new Role
Select Permissions
Go down the list of permissions and make needed selections for Sales Manager
Repeat Steps to add sales person and add appropriate permissions.

When completed, add new user, select appropriate role. I would make a test user for ever new role you create to verify they have access to what is needed and nothing else before you create accounts for actual users.

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It is entirely possible to do all what you want, we have setup sales cycles and automated campaigns for both sales and account managers, triggers and segments being automatically updated on the fly.

Even so far as creating lists for account managers based off successful sales calls and implementing logic with tagging to enable the client to eventually extract metrics on sales conversions based on number of calls.

TBH until we got things working with the logic etc… it was many hours

@EJL thank you very much for your kind reply. This is so easy and awesome. Thank you :smiley:

@mikew thank you for your response. It’s amazing to know that a “simple” tool like Mautic (simple because it took me less than 5 minutes to install :smiley: can be so powerful. I’m sure, in the future, we will add similar rules and complexities to the machine