Limiting contacts or sends for SASS purposes?

I’m interested in offering Mautic as a SASS. Most email list providers (Mailchimp, et al) have limits on the number of contacts or monthly sends for different account levels.

Is there a way to institute this limitation in Mautic, to either cap the number of contacts allowed or to cap the # of total email sent per month?

Or is the only option to adjust the cron job to fix the total number of emails per month?

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I don’t think you can limit their activity with cronjobs in an efficient way. However I’ve seen this plugin that might work for you. (No affiliation)

You can also build a simple php dashboard that taps into the db and informs you about overstepping the limits.

An other idea is to have the email feedback loop tied in into your custom dashboard as well to make sure you understand who generates how many complaint and bounces.

Thank you! This plugin might do the trick - it seems to limit by the number of contacts, which would work. Is there any way to limit the number of emails sent?

Hello, at Webmecanik we made the choice not to limit the usage but to scale up the monhly invoice amount every 10K contacts. Like do most of the SaaS automation software vendors.

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Pricing based on number of contacts is a very good way to charge your customers, as number of known contacts has a direct relation with the resources you need to assign to the instance your customer runs on.
If you want to limit based on emails, you need different mechanism based on your limiting method:
Would you set daily limits, monthly limits or 30 day rolling limit?

There is a good post about collecting data from the DB:

You will also have to watch your client’s email bounce and complaint stats as well to ensure they are not ruining your overall IP reputation.



Thanks - I appreciate you sharing your experience!

From a UX perspective, @scouleaud’s proposed method is way better than cutting off your client’s ability to use Mautic.

I would of course also implement a campaign to properly inform the client way before their “package gets automatically upgraded”.


Of course, the basic of what the marketing automation is made for :+1:, streamline the relationship with the customers :blush:


Are there recommended resources for X contacts? I’ve been testing Mautic on a VPS with 1 core & 2gb ram. There are a lot of CPU spikes but RAM usage seems low (the monitoring in my VPS dashboard is showing zero for ram, but that must be a mistake). This is just for a warming up phase, I’m up to 100 emails/day atm. But the CPU spikes concur with cron jobs. I’m wondering if I need another CPU core, but less RAM :thinking: