Logs loosing data for deleted campaigns or events. How to avoid?

For the sake of traceability, Mautic has a very big problem in its core design:

There are the logs of “what happened” to a user, and it collects the event triggering and scheduling here ma_campaign_lead_event_log.

Nevertheless if a campaign gets deleted, or an event in a campaign gets deleted, those logs are deleted too.

For a campaign, I could cope with a “deactivated campaign” but not deleted. But for the campaign itself? Sometimes you add or remove nodes in the graph… why the logs are not kept??

I can’t imagine a sysops removing a site from the /etc/apache/sites-enabled and the system rewriting all the /var/log/apache/access.log to rewrite the log files to “delete the logging” of that site deleted.

Or removing a page from wordpress and “pluffff” disappearing the events from the Google Analytics.


  1. Why this poor design internally?

  2. Any system-less and code-less way to keep them up, without being deleted? (ENV var, config file, plugin, etc.) I know I could do “database backups” and so… I’m asking if a built-in feature exists.

If you want to keep the logs don’t delete the campaign.
You can unpublish it. This feature is exactly for that: keep the data, turn off the campaign.
If you have campaign data no real use for you, then you can any time delete the campaign a free up space. It’s your choice.

And what about mutating the campaign and removing nodes (actions) in the funnel, BUT I want to keep the history of people that entered/went out from the nodes?


Nurturing sequence A: 15 emails.
Then you a/b test with 50% in a branch B and test 10 emails only.
See branch B is better and want to get rid of branch A.

If you delete the nodes of branch A, you get the logs deleted, while I’d be desirable to do not have the nodes in the canvas but still retrospectively see that contact 444 passed thru event “email 13” some time ago.

How can this be done?

We don’t have a campaign AB test feature, basically what you doing is duplicating a campaign.
If you want to keep the data, then don’t delete it, just unpublish it. I understand where you are coming from: it creates clutter.
You can assign a tag if someone completes a funnel, and work with that.
I know it’s not the most elegant way, but using a tool, that allows you to have workarounds, and enables you to do basically enything in one way or another, it is pretty good.
Yes, would be cool if you could really fine-tune what data you want to keep, what you don’t. I personally would never use it, but I’m sure someone would.

The AB was just an example. Say you edit a 40-events long funnel and directly delete step 27 for any reason for the sake of this post.

Even many people don’t mind loosing that part of the history (and it’s a perfect way of doing things for some business), I’d still love to see that “event 27” in the history of the leads even if it was deleted from the canvas.

When I am able to enter the dev slack I’ll try to check with them too.

Ok. But plz don’t expect a super fast and vibrant conversation there as everyone is busy, but eventually someone will answer.