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[Los Angeles, CA] - Los Angeles Mautic Meetup

I’d like to get a group setup for the Los Angeles area so we can promote it to our pre-existing network of IT professionals.

We manage:

We also are partnered with:

We have an established network to introduce people to Mautic in the LA area, and also want to invite anyone else who is already participating in Mautic locally to join us.

Wondering if the group can be set up for us and we’ll get added under the Mautic Pro Meetup account, and we can be added as a Co-Host. Or is the preference that we go off and create something on our own?


Hi @jordan_ryan great to hear you’re keen to set up a group in LA!

Do you have a co-founder who will work with you to set up and grow the group, and a venue in mind for your first few meetings?

I’ll set you up a group, our guidelines are in progress at present but I will share them with you on Slack so you can review them.

I would be managing this community with my business partner, Peter Vasilion (@pvasilion in Mautic Slack).

As for venue of the first meetup, that’s pending. We have some relationships with local coworking spaces we’ll tap into to see who’ll give us some space for free.