(former Integromat) Error when connect API

I want to integrate FB Leads Ads to my mautic.
With Integromat, now change their name to
Successful connect to Facebook
but, when i connect my mautic installation…
error message here

{"errors":[{"message":"Looks like I encountered an error (error #500). If I do it again, please report me to the system administrator!","code":500,"type":null}]}

I never had any issues with Integromat and Mautic. A 500 error is usually a connection error. Check your passwords/api keys

I have since moved to n8n though and not looked back. I am running a self hosted version of n8n. It has native integration with mautic, and I see it has a Facebook trigger option as well. I have not worked with the Graph API for facebook leads but I suspect it will work well. If you self host n8n, u essentially get unlimited actions for free. They have a desk top version you can install and test.

If you are happy to share your mautic and facebook credentials (API keys) with me, I could set up a test on n8n for you and see if I can get it work for you on n8n.

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Hi @robm
thanks for your reply…

Today I tested with
and the task run very well…

I have no idea. what happen with Integromat.

Thank for you kind want to help me with n8n, but I am not ready to learn that great self hosted automation tool… :grinning:

But I am not IT guy…


Hi, are you using basic auth? Also: SSL is in place?

Hi @joeyk

I using Oauth 2
and SSL is activated.

Honestly, I like, because they free plan, put execution time every 5 min.
syncspider = 15 min.
zapier = 15 min

any suggest step can I do to fix it…?


Is the Oauth 2 still active?
Permissions can expire.
In that case you need to renew it.


if you mean the context of “active” is at mautic dashboard…
i try Add New API credential…

and try to connect… but still error 400 at first try… and error 500 at the second try.