Make Mautic Complex Marketing Automation Workflow Builder with Better Design

My idea is make Mautic Complex Marketing Automation Workflow Builder.More easy So We can make Complex Marketing Automation Workflow easily with mautic. Drag-and-drop editing and intuitive workflow visualizations make the software easy to use.Like


I really like the campaign builder but agree it could be improved. Would be nice to see how many people are at each stage (stats), and also be able to duplicate actions / conditions to speed up building.

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@domaingood @robm i just posted almost identical feature request and then found this. I would want to do something like funnlytics and

see this: How about a nice visual campaign funnel builder like funnelytics, marketplan

Should I just make a comment on this one since this is older and delete mine?

I think this is a game changer as we could:
show traffic flowing through
show traffic counts
show cost of traffic from ad platform integrations
show conversions
Support canvas traffic source entities such as:
Facebook, LinkedIn, offline media (via coupon usage), any social ad platform really, Phone calls (via pbx or twilio tracking or various call tracking services like callrail), search ads, form fills, pages (and hits), and then of course the standard ones sms,web notifications, automation, newsletter etc etc. This would be true omni channel tracking.