Manual migration to Mautic 4

My Mautic 3 installation was old and foul, so I decided that rather than upgrading that instance to Mautic 4, I’d manually move my information over. I recreated my framework, making a few improvements to my campaigns, segments, etc, as you would hope someone would do when approaching a fresh slate. I don’t really care about retaining the history of my contacts, so I figure I’ll export from each stage, and then import to that stage in the new environment.

I’m interested in knowing if that is a naïve approach. Also, is there any way that I can move over my contact notes? I don’t think I can export or import them.


I have nuked my instance, and would also be interested in starting over with a fresh install, somehow importing my old data.

I went ahead with my migration tonight. Following are some items of note and my procedure, for those who may be interested. Basically, I exported my contacts to CSV files, and then imported them, but there are some important items to consider when developing your plans:

  1. Your contact history does not transfer with the CSV file. That is not a big deal to me. In fact, I really don’t want some of the ancient history that Mautic retains for my contacts.
  2. Your contact stage does not transfer with the CSV file. My contact segments are all set by the respective segment filters, but if you set them some other way, you’re going to need to address that manually - perhaps you could add a field that represents the segments associated with a contact.
  3. The do not contact information does not transfer. In fact, I doubt that any contact preferences transfer.

I did the transfer by exporting one stage at a time to a CSV file, and then importing the CSV file. Once it was imported, I updated the stage to match the one that I exported from.

Good luck!