Moving from Convertkit to Mautic

Anybody here used Convertkit before Mautic?

I’m switching from Convertkit to Mautic, and I could use some suggestions on how to migrate best.

In Convertkit I have:

  • “Tags” that are assigned to contacts
  • “Segments” that are comprised of contacts with specific criteria (cold, purchased a product, with certain “source”, etc.)
  • “Sequences” with emails going out day by day
  • “Broadcasts” are emails that were sent out once
  • Forms

I’d love some suggestions on how to start the migrations. I have no idea where to start.

Thank you in advance!


I would export contacts by segment with tags if possible. The workflow of importing into mautic allows you to select a segment per import (and only one segment) so you should be ok there.

I’m unaware of any way to import campaigns and emails so it might be a case of duplicating the emails and campaigns manually. Someone with more experience may have a slick way to export your campaigns and emails then import via api or zapier

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Thank you.

Campaign and emails are not a problem, I can upload them again.


“Campaigns” = “Sequences”
“Emails” = “Broadcasts”.