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Importing MailChimp Statistics ?

Hi all, new here :). I have been using MailChimp for a few years now. Considering the move to Mautic. I know I can import my contacts to Mautic. But what about the other information, like in what segment they are, how many mails, how many reads? And what about campaign information, dates, number of subscribers, how many reads, etc… Is that all gone when making the move to Mautic?

I see the option to integrate MailChimp in Mautic. The question that hits me is “Why would I do that?”

Regards from the new kid on the block :slight_smile:

For that you need to customised the plugin , or when a new conatct in mailchip atuomatily come in to mautic

What mautic version you have einstalled ?
Where you installed ?

Not installed yet. Opened a free SimplyCast 360 account last year, but never got around using it. Seemed daunting, didn’t know where to start. But that is another story :).

The question remains: Why shouyld I continue to use MailChimp, if Mautic can do the job all by itself?

The second question: Is it possible to export the segment data, read statistics and so on from MailChimp, and import it into Mautic (in case I should decide to stop using MailChimp) ?