Strategy for migrating from Active Campaign

I’ve been using ActiveCampaign for about 5 years and really unhappy with them. Both pricing and support. Since I’m a developer, I stumbled upon mautic and it looks like it may do what I want.

I’ve read all the user and developer documentation, and got mautic 5 running in a droplet on digital ocean to kick the tires.

My current dilemma is trying to figure out the best approach for moving over.

In Active Campaign, when I export my contacts as CSV there is a column for each custom field which looks like it can be mapped easily enough to fields in mautic. But there is also a “tags” column with a list of the Active Campaign tags, separated by commas themselves in that one column.

I’m trying to figure out how I can map those tags during import, to tags in mautic. I can write python, javascript, whatever so I was looking at writing a short python script that would fix up the CSV file in whatever way is necessary to make the import work right.

In ActiveCampaign, most “automations” (similar to the campaign builder here in mautic) are triggered off of tags. So it’s important I maintain these, or figure out some other way to make sure when I pull people in, I can start off with the same context that was there before.

Any advice appreciated. I did do some google searches to read about this topic. Namely this one but it wasn’t completely clear to me how I should format the CSV file for the best chance of making this work. I was also somewhat confused when I uploaded the file just to see what options are available in the UI, it looks like you have to select one tag during import. Which won’t really work in my case, as users are assigned to many different tags.

Thanks for reading!

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This feature exists in M5, maybe you can backport it to more stable M4.

Regarding other differences in AC and Mautic:

  • Active Campaigns Campaigns are called Segment emails in Mautic
  • Active Campaigns Automations are called Campaigns in Mautic

In AC you can set tags for clicks and opens from a Campaign (which is not an automation, but a one off send). In Mautic we don’t do that. You can do it from Mautic Campaigns, (which are Automations in AC).


Looks good. I was able to write a python script that converts the exported ActiveCampaign contacts to a format expected by mautic 5. I really don’t want to use 4 so I’ll probably have to wait a bit until it’s stable if it’s not yet, as you say.

Sounds great! I’ll post something on my blog when M5 is stable enough!