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Include contact stage and tags in imports and exports

Contact stages and tags are available in Segments, which is helpful, but it would be more helpful if they were included in exports too. They should be importable too.

Multiple segments could be created as a workaround, but that quickly becomes unwieldy as the number of stages and tags grow.

Also when you want to create a more detailed report on you contactlist, you can’t use the Stagefield as a filter or column in a report.

This would be also really handy.

If segments and tags were included in exports and reports would be awesome. Please!

Yes, this is an important feature. Stage and tags are also not available in reports

Yes, this feature would be very good to keep a security copy of the contacts, as otherwise emails without tags would be very difficult to market to.

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@BrianS @dailybits @mvn199 @sraisz @raulfj
Please vote for it again, so that this important feature gets implemented. Voting now works.

Isnt this one a duplicate to some degree of Import contact csv with varying tags? That covers the need to add tags as part of import process.

Maybe an admin could merge somehow as would be good to multiply those votes together!..

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Hold on to your hats, I’ll try to merge them and see what happens!

First, this is a continuation of the discussion started here:

There’s a note there about moving the thread here, but I didn’t find it, so I assume it never got moved.

To quickly sum up the functionality - when importing subscribers from another system (Drip in my case) into Mautic, naturally these subscribers have tags.
And so, to be able to complete the migration, these tags need to be parsed and applied to the contacts being created in Mautic.
In most cases (and certainly in my case) - subscribers can have up to 25-30 days, so doing it manually, or via any kind of other workaround is just not practical.
And, given it’s such as core thing when moving into Mautic, it’s also somewhat of a blocker, not just for me, but for anybody migrating their list from a provider that supports tags.

Is there anything I’m missing when it comes to tags and the import process?


I am also facing the same issue. Is there a way to import tags while importing contacts?


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Actually, to be clear - the original problem is slightly different. It’s about just doing a single import. One import - that recognizes tags.

Of course getting more advanced than that would be great.

I need to accomplish the same.
Any solution around?

I am also wanting this feature… moving my marketing over from Active Campaign and need to bring tags with me if possible.

Here is a possible solution:

Upvoting this also (thanks Ruth C for sending me here!).

We very much would like this also. We are importing all our data from Intercom (quite a common use case where people will bin their expensive tools and move to an open source alternative like Mautic like we did!) however tags are really critical and for anyone with any decent sizes like they’ll be using tags heavily in their data.

Would be awesome to see this in the core functionality.

Short term from my understanding there are a few workarounds:



Shout if anyone has found any other workarounds!

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For the newbies out there, including myself, what do I enter as MAUTIC_TOKEN in the .env file?
Can I choose it myself?

Never mind. Found a great solution in SyncSpider. It can move data from ActiveCampaign/CSV to Mautic including tags.

Also the system defined Mautic IDs should be exportable and be matched with imports, if given. We use Mautic also for contact without e-mail address - for automated print mailing. We can’t reimport them, as there is no other unique ID. Of course, there are workarounds. But why not just using the existing unique ID of the mautic contact record?