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Mautic 3 dashboard very slow


Mautic 3.2.1
PHP 7.2.34
Debian 10
AWS EC2 T3a.xlarge


Since I updated to Mautic 3 (now 3.2.1) when I access the dashboard the application stops working for a few minutes (it absorbs all the resources).

At that time nothing works. After a few minutes show the dashboard and everything works again.

I have tried to minimize the dashboard stat charts and the problem continues.

I have also tried directly accessing another mautic directory other than the dashboard but the problem continues the same.

Apparently, the problem is after the login because the login box is accessed quickly and without problems.

I ran the command “atop”, you can see the results in the image.

Did you ever solve this?

I’m experiencing this issue as well. There is a long lag after logging in, and usually I get a 524 timeout from cloudflare before I have to try to reload.

After the dashboard actually loads, everything works fast / fine.

How many contacts to you have? Dashboards get very slow at high contact numbers. Have you considered changing root url to contacts as opposed to the default which is the dashboard screen upon login.

In settings —> Root Url

That only updates the public page a user see when visiting the mautic instance.

The issue I’m having is when actually logging in - it’s either the logging-in process or the redirect to dashboard that takes forever.

I have about 80k contacts so nothing crazy