Mautic 4.0 GrapeBuilderJs Not Showing Up as the default builder plus bugs

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My Mautic version is: 4.0
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: mariadb 10.*

Been trying to integrate my MJML templates into mautic and came across a couple of issues. Shoutout to @joeyk for helping me solve some of them.

Firstly using and modifying an mjml theme that comes with mautic and reuploading yields a missing “email.html.twig” but there shouldn’t be one (it’s an mjml). I was advised to duplicate an mjml.twig file and rename to an html.twig which shouldn’t really be the solution but that worked.

Secondly GrapeBuilderJS doesn’t appear as a default builder on my fresh 4.0 it’s still at legacy so I can’t even see mjml templates just the old ones. Tried to look around for an option to turn it on, but nothing.

Lastly when I create a new email based on an mjml template and duplicate, it duplicates into an html and essentially breaks the template. However if I go back to edit the non duplicate, its still an mjml! (The templates were edited on the 3.3.4)

Should I create an issue on github?

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GrapeBuilderJs Issue is still existing. I can’t edit the code directly on pre existing templates also when I try the blank templates they are in HTML rather than MJML.

Additionally there was an upgrade issue 3.3.4 > 4.0.2 where I couldn’t even save the emails and after going on a wild goose chase I found this on github which seemed to fix it.