Mautic API could not get all owner' contacts

Hi all

I m newbie to Mautic and I ve tried to test API to get all of an user’s contacts, I can only get contacts the user created but can not get contacts the use assigned to be owner

Test case:

  1. Admin create user1 (with permission to view, edit, create own contact) and “change owner” of a contact “Tom A1” to user1
  2. Login user1 create a contact “Tom B1” and now user1 can view both contacts “Tom A1” and “Tom B1” on web user interface
  3. Use postman to access to Mautic API via OAuth 2.0 and user1 access token.
  4. Try Get mothed ./api/contacts and result showed only “Tom B1”

May API contact list is currently only written to show only user created contact?

Please advise how to get list of user1 owned contacts (in this case there are two contacts: “Tom A1” and “Tom B1”