Mautic as lead distribution platform

Hey everyone,

I see a couple suuuuper old topics on this, but has anyone used Mautic as a lead distribution platform (like Boderoo or Chili Piper)?

In essence, I generate the leads through paid, organic, email. I need to sell them (one to three times) to different businesses. Most take incoming posted leads via API and will have some criteria and max cap on leads. So, vendor A might say “send me leads if they make $100,000+ per year, live in California, and want their roof reshingled” and “I’ll take up to fifty per day, but only during 9-5pm hours.”

Any ideas? I’d love to live the full FOSS life on this project.

Up to 2.16 there plugins, that supported this feature:

But it hasn’t been updated for 2 years. It is def not compatible with Mautic 4+

This can be achieved using webhooks inside a campaign to distribute the leads.

This looks like an interesting plugin. Why has it been abandoned? Is there an alternative?

Agreed! I assume most people who operate in lower volumes don’t mind paying the Zapier/Integromat/Pabby tax. :slight_smile:

But if you’re using Mautic as the backbone of a larger program, the Zap tax hurts.

Can you add logic to the webhooks that limit the number of transmissions? So, for example, only fire this webhook 100 times.

Or round robin logic that distributes the leads to all partners and accounts for limits?

A webhook that simply sends everything is easy, but I’m curious about diving deeper with the logic.

Just took a deep dive into that plugin. OMG that is perfect. (Well, that plus its “to do list” on Github would be perfect.) Only thing I’d add is a wishlist for bidding - many lead gen outfits will allow all potential partners to put in bids and the software will distribute round-robin but prioritize the highest bidder.

Who do I have to hug to get that thing live again? :slight_smile:

Write to the creator of the plugin. Btw - it has an evil twin, which works as an api endpoint. Really cool.

Done. I gave him a shout-out on Github. If y’all want to join the chorus over there of “please come baaaaack,” the more, the merrier!

Not sure how active @heathdutton is on that company GitHub account so just looping you into the discussion here :slight_smile:

Bumping this up a bit. @heathdutton, we need ya! :slight_smile: