Mautic Campaign Event Runs on all contacts?

I tried creating a simple campaign today, All it does is:

  • Look at a segment contacts
  • Check if the contact still has a “free” tag after 21 days
  • If they do, send them an upsell email

Here is a screenshot of the campaign:

Here is a screenshot showing the tag condition:

My question is, why does it show that events are scheduled for PRO users as well?:

What will happen on the 2nd? Will it check this contact and see that they don’t actually have the free tag and then skip sending to that contact?

I was thinking that it would only schedule sending the email to Free contacts(those with the kikote-free-user tag). But it seems that it scheduled for all contacts

Hi there,

You could have a different segment for just free users, that way you can be sure only that segment will receive your emails. It also gives you an added bonus of the campaign having to work through a smaller list.

But for your question are you 100% certain that some of your pro users does not have the tag you have mentioned?

Right now I’m using Segments as a way to “segment” my products:

  • Product 1 Segment
  • Product 2 Segment

I use tags to differenciate whether a user of the particular product is a free one or a premium one. The alternative would mean 2 segments for each product which I’m not looking at currently.

But for your question are you 100% certain that some of your pro users does not have the tag you have mentioned?

Yes, I’m positive, as you can see in the screenshot, that customer is a PRO customer, yet the event is scheduled for them.

So I’m wondering if the event gets scheduled for all contacts and then at the time of the logic…it would realize “Hey, this user does not have a free tag, so lets bail”

From my understanding of how the campaign builder works, that lead has passed the decision step and has been scheduled to receive that email. (If i am wrong someone will correct me). Why I cannot say without actually looking at your instance and your particular setup.

Out of curiosity, what version of mautic are you running?

Also to note, could you create two test leads one pro one free and put them through a test campaign to see what is going on? By test campaign I wouldn’t do the send email step but perhaps just a simple change something would do. It might give you a better idea as to what could actually be happening here.

I went ahead and created another campaign but this time i set it to wait 5 minutes before sending the email selected from the campaign builder.

It seems like Mautic schedules the event for all contacts in the segment selected, and when it comes time to execute the logic, it would see that the contact does not have the selected tag (free tag), and it would not process any further.

Makes sense to me.

You can create a different segment and set a tag filter in that segment that it will contain kikote-free-user tag, then it will enter to that segment, so condition will not schedule for all your contacts, only for those it will schedule who has that tag.