Question about Campaings, Segments and Scheduled Campaing Emails

Hello folks!

My name is Mauricio, first time here on the Mautic forum, happy to be a new member of the Mautic family.

I’m using, configuring, and learning Mautic from like 2 months ago. I have a question regarding, as the title said, Campanings and scheduled emails.

Suppose I have this campaign running:

Segment: Free Users

→ Send Email 1
→ (wait 2 days)
→ Send Email 2
→ (wait 2 days)
→ Send Email 3

And after Email #1 a user converted and is not in the “Free Users” segment anymore, but the Email 2 and 3 are already scheduled from the beginning of the campaign, Mautic will check this condition before sending the next emails, or what I should expect?

I want to STOP the new emails if the user is not on the initial segment, where can I find this kind of information/documentation?


Hello, and welcome to the community!

As I understand you scenario is:
Your segment is ONLY for free users (you set it so in the segment filter) and you send out 3 emails to this segment with a 2-3 days break in between.

Once a contact converts and leaves the “free segment”, then they will leave the campaign as well.

You can set the condition before sending all mails and check if contact exist in that segment before sending any mail, but by the way as you have initially set condition that if user in this particular segment , only then enter in campaign, so as user will leave this segment, then campaign will not run for that user.