How to build a mailing campaign to convert users of a free offer into customers?

I’m new to Mautic and I’m trying to set up my first email sending campaigns.

My site offers resources to download online, visitors can register for free but can only download part of the resources. To have access to all the resources, they must subscribe to a paid offer.

I want to launch an email campaign based on a segment of users of the free offer (4 emails/28 days) containing the latest resources to download in high demand and accessible only to customers who have subscribed to the paid offer .

If a free tier user clicks on any of the campaign emails then I give them points and a tag and then I want to send them a promotional email within 30 minutes containing a discount on the paid offer via another promotionnal campaign or from current campaign.

How can I schedule a promotional email to be sent to the user 30 minutes after he clicks on one of the campaign emails?

If the user of the free offer ends the campaign without having clicked on an email from the campaign (no points) then he is transferred to the segment of inactive leads who will be the subject of a re-engagement campaign (3 emails/ 1 year).

If the user ends the campaign by having clicked on one of the campaign emails (determined by the number of points and/or a tag) without having subscribed to the paid offer then I want to relaunch the customer conversion campaign or create other customer conversion campaigns over a month (named "attempt 1,2,3… ".).

If the user subscribes to the paid offer then he is transferred to the segment of converted customers and will no longer be the subject of an email campaign.

Is the logic of using segments as well as campaigns correct for the objective sought?

Here is an overview of my first mailing campaign with the objective of converting users of the free offer into customers.

Thanks for your advices

Nobody has an answer?

Hi, here is how I would do it:

  1. Segment: FREE OFFER (“free tier”)
    Filter: Anyone who qualifies but EXCLUDE ‘clicked on free offer’ tag, EXCLUDE inactive tag
    Campaign: Send the promo emails to convert to paid offer
    Desicions: watch for clicks on the offer link and give away ‘clicked on free offer’ tag if someone clicks.
    End of the campaign: add tag ‘inactive’.

  2. Segment ‘clicked on free offer’ but didn’t covert (“30 min paid offer”)
    Filter: Anyone with the tag ‘clicked on offer’, and didn’t convert
    If someone enters this segment, gets an email after 30 min.
    If no conversion, then add tag ‘attempt1’

  3. Attempt 1 campaign
    Filter: has not purchased, tag: “attempt1”
    End of campaign: remove “attempt1”, add “attempt2” tags

  4. Attempt 2 campaign
    Filter: has not purchased, tag: “attempt2”
    End of campaign: remove “attempt2”, add “attempt3” tags

  5. Attempt 3 campaign
    Filter: has not purchased, tag: “attempt3”
    End of campaign: remove “attempt3”, add “inactive” tags

  6. Segment: ‘inactive’
    Filter: anyone with the tag ‘inactive’
    Campaign: Re-engagement

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Hello joek,

Thank you for your help.

Is it better to use a ‘free offer clicked’ segment based on a tag OR the ‘decision → email clicks’ function to trigger an action to send a promotional email to the user 30 min after a click?

What is the difference and/or repercussion between the two methods?

I have difficulty projecting myself into the campaign scenario because I lack perspective and understanding of the mechanism of automation.

Again thank you for your advice.

I’ll try to make a video :slight_smile: