How to create this campaign scenario?

Dear members
How to create the following scenario if possible?
1- The campaign is triggering when a new contact is imported to segment X
2- He receives an email immediately, if opened add points, if not opened wait 3 days and send a new email

Thanks all for the help


Create a new campaign, where the source is the segment:


Choose an action called Send email.


Choose to send right away, and select the email you need:


Click: +ADD!

Now we will make a decision to see if the person opened the email:


Choose opens the email:


You can name this decision if you want. But you can also leave it as it is.


Click +ADD.

Now your path has a YES and NO leg.

Choose the NO and add sending email.


Now you can select how long the decision will be waiting by defining when to send the email:

Click +ADD!

Now click on the YES leg and add Adjust Contact’s points:


Now define how many points you want to add (or substract):


Good job, your final campaign looks like this:



Hi Joey

Wow nice explanation.

Please assist with a step by step guide of how to create a campaign from scratch, using contacts on segment (10 000 contacts as an example).

The newsletter is created from a blank template.

I am new here and trying to get a campaign going to list.

Sending emails already configured on Mautic by my server host.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you.

A campaign from scratch? What do you want to achieve? Send emails?
What is your goal?
Btw: what do you mean by emails are configured by server host? Will they use their own IP range?

Thank you for your reply,

My aim is to send emails to a list of opt in clients that i have already added on contacts in mautic. We are sending newsletters being invitations to attend conferences that we organise.

Lastly (configured by server host) i meant to say that my details on email settings have already been set up on mautic.

your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Okay, I’m a bit confused. This is exactly I showed you in the step by step tutorial above.
Let me know if I misunderstood something.

Hi Joey

I’m more or less in the same situation.

Screenshot_2021-01-17 New Campaign Mautic

My scenario is as follows:

  1. Send an e-mail immediately.
  2. If a contact opens, then add the tag: read
  3. Wait for 10 days.
  4. Resend e-mail to those who do not have the tag: read
  5. If a contact opens, then add the tag: read
  6. Wait for 20 days.
  7. Resend e-mail to those who do not have the tag: read.
  8. Automation ends

I seem to get stuck on step 3, since there is no option to check if the contact has read as a tag and then not to send the e-mail.

Also, is there a material difference between WAIT FOR 3 DAYS and WITHIN 3 DAYS?


Hi Joey, I have an issue with a campaign I set up a similarly and hope that you can help me figure out whats going on.

I trigger my campaign with a segment, send the first mail and then I used a decision to check if they open the mail or not.
On the positive leg I add some points with a waiting period of 1 day and then an action to send mail 2.
This mail should wait 5 days and should be sent only on weekdays and at a certain range of hours, but the mails are being sent on the very next day.
On the negative leg I just jump to the next event (with a waiting period of 1 day) which is sending mail 2.

So in total each mail should be going out every 6 to 8 days depending if its a weekday but right now they are being send daily.

On another note, I put my email as a test and I only received the first mail. All of the others, even though Mautic says they were sent, are not on any inbox tray.

Any idea helps! thanks (:

Hello @perla29 !
I noticed on 2.16.3 similar behaviour as well. After changing email sending timing to an hour restriction the value was not saved. Can you delete this step, re-add it and try again plz.
Other than that - I need to see the campaign, so reach out to me in a PM if it doesn’t work out.

I finally have got the hang of it, its indeed exactly as you showed, am getting some were now. Thanks Once again