Campaign Logic (Open, Wait 1 Day, Send)

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My Mautic version is: No clue where to find this… latest version?
My PHP version is: 7.3.20

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I have the following logic for a campaign.


Email 1 sends immediately when a new contact is added
Email 2 should then send 1 day after the initial email has been opened
Email 3 should then send 1 day after the 2nd email has been opened


Currently email #2 sends immediately after email #1 is seemingly opened.

Any suggestions or is there an additional action or condition I need to add so that the emails are sent X days after the previous email is opened?

Hi voisd,

My Mautic version is: No clue where to find this… latest version?

Lower right corner of your Mautic

Currently email #2 sends immediately after email #1 is seemingly opened.

In case of an action, the wait time you give means “wait 1 day for this action to happen, else proceed with the red path. Once the action does happen, proceed immediately.”
If you want an extra wait time after the actions happened, you need to insert some sort of “dummy” step, i.e. an action that doesn’t really do something, or a condition that is always true.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Version is v2.16.0

I don’t want an additional wait time I simply want the wait time already specified.

In the example shown email #2 should be sent 1 day after email #1 is opened.

Currently despite the “wait 1 day” email #2 is sent immediately after email #1 is opened.

There is seemingly no wait time however I do also understand that the wait time is based on days since the beginning of the campaign.

Once again, the time specified after an Action says “wait this long before aborting” not “wait this time after the action is completed”.
See above.

I am a little confused by @ekke answer as well. I have setup multiple campaigns in a similar way and everything has run according to spec.

In this specific campaign, the first email is being sent out, then there is a decision (without a wait period), and then there is an action to send the next mailer with a wait period of one day. The action to send the mail is on the positive (green) path.

Campaign logic has always been hard for me to understand so I am eager to try and get my head around the answer above and improve my own.

I am also trying to find out some more details about campaign logic. I was able to get a simple autoresponder sequence to work. Somebody signs up, send an email. Wait 1 day, send another email. Wait 1 day, send the next. Beyond that I am still struggling. I have seen you can specify the weekday and the time the email should be sent. How does that work? If the weekday does not match, will it skip the email, or will it hold it in queue until the weekday is matching?

Now the conditional logic is still more intriguing. You have for example the email opened decision, and there is a yes and no link. How much time does it wait until trigger the yes or going for the no route? There are no settings for a decision, so it is kind of confusing how that should work. There is also not much documentation in order to understand how campaign logic should work. If you have any insights, please let us know.

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I’m going to have a bit more of a play over the weekend/coming week.

One other option is to create a new campaign for each email and then move the contact between campaigns.

This way when email is opened, move to new campaign, in that new campaign set email to send after 1 day of new contact being added to campaign.

@ekke you also mentioned a “dummy” step, again I’m a little unsure how this could be used to delay the email send after open.

Would it be something like:

step 1 - send email #1 to contact
step 2 - when contact opens email #1 add x number of points
step 3 - send email #2 to contact after 1 day of x number of points have been added (from step 2)

A real world walk through would be great as I obviously understand the timescales are based on when the contact is added initially to the campaign rather than the time from the previous process (as per the below screenshot example).


Yes you are on a good track. But you do not need to mess around with points. When the email is opened, you can add them directly to a new campaign.

Yer but it’s rather messy and not very elegant. Hopefully this’ll get improved in the future :confused:

I’am probably quite late for this response, but I tried something similar to this in Mautic 4 and it was quite easy. I can delay the action to send an email just in the send email action.
I was used to do this in ActiveCampaign with a wait operation, but here is even easier.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-25 a las 12.20.35

It worked fine. Just considering Mautic executes campaigns with its cronjob schedule, so if your cronjob is scheduled every hour, your email will be sent in the scheduled time plus 1hour maximum. If you schedule your cron every minute or five minutes, it will be smooth.

Hope this helps someone.