Wait time for "click Email" or "open Email"

Mautic 4.4.9

Your problem
even after reading multiple support question and reply, it would help to have a bit more clarity on this

for the “open mail” action, will wait for 10Min (+3Min default hold time of the action. No details in official documentation, but read this is reply by experts) due to "restart campaign. hope my understanding is correct.

for the “clicks Email” action, if I require it to wait for 10min, I have introduced an action “add points” hope I have got the logic correct.

cause “click Email” will also trigger “open Email”, I have no action after “wait for 10Min”, again have my doubts on the logic.

thanks in advance,

You are correct in your logic. Any person in this campaign will go down both paths, as you said a click action should be default also have a previous open decision

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